Our Story

Food is a fundamental requirement of life on this planet. However, the basic structure of today’s linear “take-make-dispose” food system is unsustainable—economically, socially, and environmentally.

In Guelph-Wellington, one in six families experience food insecurity, and the cost of healthy food keeps increasing. Meanwhile, between a third and a half of the food we produce is thrown away. Much of that ends up in landfill, where it creates the greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

From 2020-2023 Our Food Future was Guelph-Wellington’s initiative to create a regional circular food economy that could be an example for communities across Canada and around the world. We aimed to address the unsustainable challenges facing the food system by reimagining how we produce, distribute, sell, and consume food. We worked to create a food system where everyone can access nutritious food, nothing is wasted, and the impact on our environment is minimal as well as creating an environment where food experts and entrepreneurs come together to tackle our most complex food challenges.

In 2020, Our Food Future launched with three bold goals


increase in access to affordable, nutritious food


new circular food businesses, collaborations and social enterprises;


increase in economic benefit by unlocking the value of waste

By December 2023 these goals were achieved and in most cases exceeded. Our Food Future shows how when working broadly as a region, leveraging relationships, data and technology and new ways of collaboration we can move from the current system to a sustainable and thriving food economy that creates new jobs, and values our planet, health, equity and dignity for everyone.

The work of Our Food Future has received national and international recognition from the Ellen McArthur Foundation, World Economic Forum, Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Our Impacts


tonnes GHG emissions prevented