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Community gardens and pollinator/ wildlife gardens

Our Food Future is a smart cities project focused on systems change. Data is essential to understand how Guelph-Wellington’s food system works at the material, business and human levels. The Food Future Data Hub centralizes over 80 data sets from Our Food Future collaborators and other public and open sources. The platform not only provides centralized access to relevant food data sets, it also includes a wide range of maps, StoryMaps and other data visualizations to help collaborators move from data to insights.

Featured maps

Green City of Guelph organics cart

Hug your green cart

Guelph’s organic waste collection can play a huge role in reducing impacts of food waste and leading us to a more circular food economy.

Selling food differently

The circular food experience

How seven local organizations are delivering a food revolution in the form of a circular menu of gourmet meal.

Person putting fresh picked vegetables in a basket

The SEED Home Delivery Food Program

40 companies were awarded grants of $5,000 through Seeding Our Food Future, a funding program facilitated by Innovation Guelph and 10C.