ICI Waste data

Over 60 per cent of food waste is generated by businesses, especially businesses in the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial (ICI) sector

Because these businesses are responsible for their own waste management most of this ends up being sent to landfill because getting separate organics collection can be unaffordable.

Working with the Circular Innovation Council, the Guelph-Wellington ICI Waste Pilot worked with over 50 ICI sector businesses across Guelph and Wellington County to divert their organic waste to compost, using a routing system that mimics the efficiencies of municipal waste collection. The goal is to use a cooperative model and scale to bring down costs so it’s affordable for any business to receive organics collection service. 

Beyond diverting waste, participating businesses were also educated on food rescue opportunities and connected with platforms to help connect excess eatable food with organizations that can use it to support the community.

In 2023, administration for the pilot was taken over by the SEED, a food security social enterprise, adding additional community benefits from the program.